Ideal Franchise Owner

The ideal candidate is involved in the local community and has a passion for giving back.

We are looking for individuals who are willing to commit to the brand 100%. It is an opportunity to take ownership of your career and become a part of an emerging fast-casual brand. Franchisees work with a seasoned leadership team with years of industry experience throughout the life of their location. With their guidance, plus the combined support of each Momma Goldberg’s Deli, a fulfilling career lies ahead.

The ideal franchisee embraces Momma’s Way from site selection to operations to customer service. A good candidate has a desire to serve quality food in a clean, comfortable environment. It is someone with a strong work ethic who knows how to lead while being a team player.

The ideal candidate understands that Momma Goldberg’s Deli was not built on the principles of delegating, but rather, digging in and taking ownership of your business. If this means you are working on a Saturday to cover a shift, so be it. If it means you have to wash dishes, grab an apron and gloves and get busy. If the thought of hard work turns you off, this is not the business for you.

Momma Goldberg’s is a family. Many members of the leadership team have known each other and worked together in some fashion for many years now. This makes for a strong bond and creates an infrastructure that works well overall. Those dynamics and each team members love for the brand fosters a steadily evolving franchise experience while allowing us to live up to our mission:

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To stay true to Momma’s heritage by serving love, food and fun to generations of fans with passion and commitment.

Our current franchise owners all have one common goal—promoting and strengthening the brand. Our owners are a diverse, talented group and we strive to foster a community of learning. Many owners have previous restaurant experience, some have a business background, some wanted a new career, and still others just have a love for the product they came to enjoy while in college at Auburn. If you are interested in finding out more information, please contact Richard Matthews, director of franchise sales, at

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Initial Investment

The initial investment to own a Momma Goldberg’s franchise has many variables. One of the key variables is the location selected for the restaurant. Whether the new Momma G’s is going into a strip center, converting a previous restaurant or business or if it will be located in a new development, the range of cost will vary significantly. For your reference, the view investment button will display item 7 from our franchise disclosure document. Item 7 from our FDD describes the range of costs that are typically associated with opening a new Momma Goldberg’s.

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